Wildlife Department KPK Job 2021

Wildlife department job KPK Job 2021 

Post Date:  25-May-2021
Education: Meddle to Graduate 
Campony:  Wildlife department 
Location:   KPK
Job Type:   Full Time 
Last Date:  22-Jun-2021

The name of ease on the application was clearly eaten and the CV in which all the data and the total marks obtained for each exam were obtained.  Complete details of domicile district, correspondence, perfect powerphone, cell number, etc. should be recorded.  Which should be transferred to KPTA office Peshawar by June 22, 2021  |  Selected candidates for the post will have to bring their original Qali and other IDs along with their National Identity Card on the day of interview.  Coming in for naming and entry  Candidates will not be given any TADA.  Government employees who can send their applications through their letter.  Incomplete and sacred  Applications received after the date will not be accepted and will not be considered.  6 vacancies are temporary basis under Khalmat Project Policy  At the end of the project, as per the decision of the government, it can be terminated at any time.  In case of recruitment of successful candidates, salaries are paid as per the prevailing project policy  Will go  This will apply to special persons, women and minorities in accordance with the law.  More information is available on the KPTA website at www.kota.org.pk.  Are  Shortlisted candidates will be notified by post or telephone sms.  Certificates of hope and merit on merit  Will be verified by the concerned agencies whose charges will be paid by the candidate.  If these candidates were found to be fake then legal action was taken against them.

The application form and the KPTA, Online Deposit Slip website are available at www.kota.org.pk. 
Deposit Slip for Serial can be submitted online in any of the MCB Packs Please Nibrut in Mir For the posts of Serial deposit online at any branch of MCB Bank in the form of Deposit.
Original application form  With Deposit Slip, KPTA Head Office must be near Mani Gate Police Station, Canal Road, Warsak Road, Peshawar by 22/06/2021. 
Applications received after the due date and incomplete will not be considered.  
KPTA Mate will only be considered as Screening Mate.  
And in the final selection, there will be no KPTA Tate prophets and recruitments  Will be done purely under government laws and policy.  
Additional educational qualifications and experience will be provided in accordance with the government’s policy.  
KPTA candidates  Merit reported via SMS.  
KPTA3 will not send any roll number slip to any candidate by post or TCS. 
In order to participate in Omid Warmate, it will print its roll number slip from the KPTA website itself which will have the picture of the candidate.


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