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PESCO Wapda Job 2021

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Terms and Conditions


In the case of Bali Omar, Moi Mayat has also been


I will not be beaten at all. 


I hope that the enthusiasm of the heart belongs to me and to


He has been sentenced to 3 years in prison and two
government employees who have been in government service for the last two years
have been sentenced to 10 years.  Delicious can be given.  


Only financial candidates with the required qualifications
can join the wire trapezoidal physical accompaniment and interview.  


Short on being a candidate on merit  There will be a
written test of qualifications to meet the requirements of the selected

So many can be deployed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on any


All applications should be submitted directly on the online
visit of Khyber Medical University (KMU).  


Given to Pesco and this post will be received  Requests
will not be processed.  


Pregnancy Requests Complete Information Penny Requests Received
after due date and Right Handed Requests Submitted in any case.  

Mullahs will not be accepted and will be reduced to


Candidates will have to submit original documents at the
time of revelation.  


Candidate 97-9217696, 9217703 (091) + any kind of
information on and |  The test with the
skill of the candidates, and the probationary is objectionable, the roll number
slip can be done again with the help of bananas.  Candidates who do bad
deeds will be considered.  


Candidates working in government institutions will be able
to apply through humanitarian means after obtaining Ibn Abi due to lack of


10 PESCO considers it reasonable to cancel the recruitment
process at any stage.  

ETADA cannot be paid for bananas like Merit


Persons with criminal records or criminal records from any
institution may not be eligible for employment in POSCO.  In the 13th
phase, the Kurdish candidate will be disqualified for misrepresenting Haqqani.  


Only 20% of the Empire Corps will be eligible to apply for
special positions.  


Is running and another one from NTV  The application of
the children of the employees of the case will not be accepted under the 20%
empire quota. 


20% e-Placker Candidates applying for these vacancies will
have to provide the documents in the form of supervision at the time of


All relevant documents submitted in the application form and
a copy of the computerized National Identity Card of the parents, including a
line of full-fledged torture by Amin Alexei.  


Candidate Wahan Nama (Nan Joel named that none of his
brother John’s widowed mother is required to submit PESCO under an Iranian
corner and that retired present service | must have so much love must also be
submitted. Children of employees  Waltro will not be eligible for the


 Writing Skills After qualifying for the Net and
Frequent Mate, the relevant rules regarding the importance of candidates
appearing under the Iran Corner.  The OP will be prepared on the basis of
the umbrella to be given in the 17th.  


No. Application Submission Procedure Application is first
available on KMU’s website – Candidates receive Rs. 225 per
mail from Khyber Medical University  Candidates have to submit their
application to the EC, which is available on the website of Alima Submitted by July 12, 2021.  Can do  No application
will be received at any time without it. Therefore, the applicants are
requested to submit their applications in full.  


No action will be taken on the requests received by Vati
Baba.  ۔  Samin Fees has to be deposited in MCB Bank for Account No.
0977029551008789 by compiling the back liquid available on MU’s website https:
/ The fee will be refundable and highly transferable.  


Applications received without a deadline after the deadline
will be rejected.  – Proven good, time and test trade granddaughter roll
number slip issued by Umayyads directly to candidates in a pan from the date of
test You can also download your Rawls from the UK website  Following the email to the candidate  Will be


Only two candidates who have actually certified the country
of their choice will be eligible to apply.  


She was not a candidate  Imagine being

More educated than the required education is not worthy of
hope and progress.  


In the application already submitted to the office, the
publication of this advertisement will be in the authenticity of all the
children of the employees who have paid 20%.  


Apple Insan has already applied for various positions in the
city in the late office of the Circle Offices Pesco Bed Gwadar


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