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Pak affairs-PMA lc 148
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➡ Which is the higest dam in Pakistan?
*Ans.Mangala dam*

➡ Which is the largest dam in pakistan?

➡ Name the biggest mobile company of Pakistan.

➡ Which is the biggest university of pakistan?
*Ans.Punjab university*

➡ which is the oldest forest of Pakistan?

➡ Largest forest *Changa Manga*

➡ Largest city *karachi*

➡ Which is largest division of Pakistan?

➡ Which is the largest division of Punjab?

➡ Which is the largest district of Pakistan?

➡ The biggest airline of Pakistan

➡ First lady police station of Pakistan was established in.

➡ Which city of Pakistan has largest number of police stations?

➡ The area of lowest rainfall in pakistan?.

➡ Pakistan mainly imports edible oil from:

➡ Largest imports are made by Pakistan from:

➡ Largest exports are made by Pakistan to:

➡ Pakistan largest export item is:

➡ Which crop is mostly cultivated on the indus dalta soils?

➡ The area highest rainfall in Pakistan:

➡ Indicate the number of Pakistan area wise in the world?

➡ Name the province which have longest costline:

➡ Where is bagh e jinnah situated?

➡ Name the biggest park of Pakistan?
*Ans.Ayub National Park Rawalpindi.*

➡ Name the crop sown on the largest area of Pakistan:

➡ Name the biggest bridge of Pakistan:
*Ans.Sakhar bridge*

➡ Name the biggest commercial bank of Pakistan:
*Ans.Habib Bank ltd*

➡ Which is the biggest airport of Pakistan?
*Ans.Quaid e Azam International Airport*

➡ Which is the hottest place in Pakistan?

➡ Name the highest battle field in Pakistan as well in the World:
*Ans.Siachin glacier*

➡ Name the area of Pakistan which receives the heaviest snowfall in a year:

➡ Which is the highest peak of Pakistan with a height of 8611 m above sea level also known as Goodwin Austin 
*Ans  K2*

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