Norm Macdonald’s Moth Joke Norm MacDonald talks about taking jokes from his drivers and tells a moth joke.




now not all your material comes uh fromthe from the news is that right you knowsome of my material comes my strongestmaterial comes from real life real lifelike for instance today i was driving ina car you were kind enough to bring acar to bring this old chunk of coal hereto the studiowe send we send cards for our guestsyeah yeah so i got in it and that’s iyou know i get material that way so muchwhat do you meanhow do you get material that way you getin the car and what happensuh my driver tells me a jokethe driver we sent to pick you up toldyou a joke yeah and you’re going to tellit now on the show yeah that’s how i getall of my materialokay why don’t we just have him on nexttime that guyyou yeah that guy now wait till you hearme do it[Laughter]so the guys he goes uhi say uh i’ll be the guy okay a motha moth goes into a podiatrist’s office amoth goes into a podiatrist office youare correcta moth goes into a podiatrist’s officeand the potatoes office says what’s theproblem and the moss says what’s theproblemwhere do i begin man he goes i go towork for uhgregory olinovichand all day long i workhonestly doc i don’t even know what i’mdoing anymore i don’t even know ifgregory olinovich knows he only knowsthat he has power over me and that seemsto bring him happinessbut i don’t know i wake up in a

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