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making money online is very easy and the key to
start having a passive income online is to take action and in this video i will
guide you through a process that can help you do just that i’ll show you how to
get online money by watching ads and new methods for making 700 online in this post
i will show you a full step-by-step tutorial on how to set up this amazing
income stream so make sure to pay attention to every second of the post because
i will drop some hidden tips and tricks that you can use with this method to maximize
your earnings however make sure that you guys follow each and every step of
this post to make sure that you’re not using this method incorrectly because if
you just go ahead and skip to the end you might miss some important
instructions and you might not make any money at all and end up only wasting
your time so make sure to pay attention to each and every words of the post and
start generating a passive income like most of the post we upload on this blog this
method is 100 free and you won’t be needing any credit cards or online banking
accounts to start making any money online with this method the three steps to
earning 700 for viewing ads are as follow step number one i’m going to be revealing
the number one site that is paying people to watch short advertisements step
number two i’m going to be unveiling how to cash out your earnings with this
website and step number three i’m going to show you how to automate your
earnings on this website and have others watch the adverts for you okay so
let’s get started i’ll show you the precise webpage and then two distinct ways
for making the greatest money on this specific website but first hello and
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one of our viewers now let’s get back to the video so let us proceed to this
website called ojoo you can make money by watching ads in this section as you
can see watching commercials will compensate you for viewing adverts from their
advertising partners so businesses come here to advertise their products and
services they pay oju and oju splits the profits with you they divide the
revenue with you solemnly for viewing those commercials there’s no need to
purchase anything it is completely free so you’re going to sign up first and earn
money by watching adverts you need to first create an account i’m going to show
you several advertisements that look like this view their adverts and money
will be deposited directly into your account so as you can see you’ll get a 20
bonus simply for signing up you’ll earn money by watching advertising and i’ll
show you how to earn money on the website in a variety of ways so let’s get
into the specific method when we get over here this will be our dashboard the
first thing you want to click on is pay to click advertising because that’s why
we got here we want quick cash and we want to make money simply by clicking on
small advertisings and as you can see right here there are certain businesses
that pay you to click on their adverts you have unit systems smart trade currency
time dollars halloween promos and a variety of various commercials and they’re
giving out very modest amounts but the ads are literally only 5 seconds long you
don’t have to watch the entire thing just let it play in a separate browser tab
you can click on every single one of these ads in 10 seconds and then you will
refresh this website so that new adverts appear and your money begins to
accumulate in your dashboard so this is a quick and simple approach to making
money on this website now the money is not tremendous just for clicking on
advertising you’ll have to do a number of various advertisement styles so i’ll
teach you an even better technique to start earning money on this website so
you’ll go to odu grid after clicking offers and that will bring you to this
page this pays a little bit more as you can see right here they’re paying
roughly one dollars just for clicking any place in this image you’re going to
click all these advertisements little adverts will begin to appear and you will
earn much more money with this method this is a fairly simple task and honestly
watching these short adverts is one of the simplest ways to make money online on
the internet now for the next strategy go to this page ojo contest you’re going
to gather points as it states in the contest invite new direct referrals
receive points and get money on your present balance so how do you plan on accumulating
more points well you’ll have to obtain referrals which means that people will
come to this website will introduce strangers to this website and they’ll watch
the commercials for us these are some of the prize winners as you can see this
person won 200 dollars this one got 100 this one 50 for the third place and 40 for
the fourth place and then if you finish lower than 15th you’ll earn
five dollars any extra money is actually welcome and as a tip to maximize your
earnings i’m going to show you how to attract thousands of people to come to
this website and watch advertisements for you so you can earn not just from
what they earn but also win this contest every single time okay and take the first
slot i’ll show you exactly how to acquire more points and win the contest you’re
probably wondering what direct referrals mean so if you refer someone to this
website and they sign up and start making money watching commercials you’ll be
compensated for your effort snow if you have 40 direct referrals and this is
their benefits calculator by the way you’re going to make 700 dollars per month
repeating this every month is going to guarantee that you get 700 at least
based on your referrals who are watching the ads for you let’s imagine we get
500 people to visit this website right you’ll make 1 714 a month from people
watching advertising on our website this is a safe bet i can easily show you how
to get 2 000 individuals to visit this website within the next month and that’s
going to be 5 000 in pure profit from this website so i’ll teach you exactly
how to achieve that so go ahead and click on affiliate program over here which
will take you to this page and in general you will receive 30 commission of
whatever your referrals earn on this website so if one person that you referred
makes dollars you will receive thirty dollars so if you get one thousand
referrals each earning one hundred dollars you’ll get thirty dollars from each
multiplied by one thousand and obviously this grows exponentially so if you
receive 2 000 referrals 3 000 and so on it means you will earn more and more
money without having to physically log into the website and view the ads for
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and you’ll notice this tiny link right here this link to promote this is my
special referral link you will have your own special link and you’ll be
compensated if someone clicks on this linksigns up for oh drew and begins
watching adsso what we’re going to do is copy this url and then i’ll teach you
this method this is a simple free traffic approach that could result in
hundreds of referrals we’re going to now and we’re going to type
in make money online club usa into this search field this is one of the most
profitable groups it has around 200 000 members from the united states who want
to make money online but don’t know how so what we’re gonna do is take a
referral link that we got earlier and make a post on this group also make sure
to put a message saying that you can visit this website to make money while
watching ads and most people will actually be interested in that and they will
be watching ads for you and what’s good about this group is thatthey will let
you do it because they encourage people to post their links and share their
business chances with this community so that’s exactly what this group is going
to accomplish for you we’ll post our link we have access to over 200 000
members and we’ll get at least a few hundred people to click on our link and
sign up for oju next thing you know people are actually going to start watching
ads making money for themselves and also for you and you’re gonna start accumulating
points and money so not only will you start making money passively but you will
also be able to win contests and get extra money which is very good as a
passive income stream and so there you have it that brings us to the end of
today’s video before we go make sure to subscribe to our channel hit the
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