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You don’t need any
expensive equipment
no camera no
website and this is 100 free this website that I’ve
never shown you before will pay you via pay pal skill paisa and pay one and works
in many different countries all around the globe but you want to stay tuned and
keep watching because this is far from

the only platform.




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Pay pal account so head on
over to and set up an entirely free account by clicking this button
over here just provide the needed details and login to your very own pay pal
account if you don’t want that option or don’t want to do that you can set up
your own bank account online by searching in the google online bank account in
my country and sign up for an entirely free account.





On that online banking, a website with all of that said now let’s jump straight into the tutorial so i
can show you everything okay so the website that will be paying us today and
the site you’ve seen in the intro that I’ve never shown before is this one
right here and it’s called all.





The link to this platform
is now what this website is and how exactly it’s going to pay us you can
see right here earn money by sharing short links so basically, this is a URL
shortener like Bitly which I reckon most of you have heard about before and
have seen it.





On my Website, since I’ve
showed it many times over but with that said the difference here is that Ali
will get you paid whenever someone clicks on your shortened link the way this
works are as follows let’s say you shortened a link to some guide if you give
this link to someone and they click on it before they

go to the actual guide they
will first see a bunch of ads and the ad revenue is split between yourself and





So that’s essentially how
this works and why this platform is different from  and others like it by
the way Ali is far from the only platform we will be using today using Ali
alone will not get you paid we will need to use another platform to combine it
with and this is why I really want you guys to stay with me and keep Reading
so this works out for you and doesn’t just skip ahead and miss the important





Now with that said two
things worth noting about this site that as you’ve seen in that intro as well
is that it pays you through a few different payment options including pay pal
as you can see on the bottom of the page and by clicking on payout rates just
below that, you will be able to see that it does work mostly worldwide.





On this page, you can also see
how much do you get paid per 1000 people that click on your link anyways now that
you know what

this site is and how it can
pay you that it works in many different countries let’s get to what you want to
doon here as I don’t want to waste your time by going over all these features
since you can do that yourself the very first thing you want to do is click on
the login button.




In the upper left corner when doing you now want to click on create an account right here as obviously you
don’t have one at the moment on the next page you’ll proceed to either create
one through Twitter or google or you can enter your username email and password
before clicking on I’m not a robot tick this box to agree to their terms and
then on create an account below to finish the process.




Once you log into your
brand new account this is how everything will look and as you can see all give
no shortage of info about everything you can see on here how many shortened
URLs you have how many clicks your current balance total earnings and so much
more and so now that you have your account let me show.





You what you will need to
do from here the very next site you want to go to is called many dot link I have
shown this Post a while back so some of you might remember it but for those of
you who don’t know what this is you can see that right here many.





Link puts all the links that
you want to share on this simple pretty page so you only have to share that so
basically, this platform allows you to create a landing page where you can put
all of your links are in one place and for that very reason it’s going to be hugely
beneficial for us but there is another reason you want to use this platform
that is because when you try and share your all link.




On some websites for example
you will get banned plain

and simple but when you use
a link to your landing page from this platform that is not the case combine
that with the fact that you will be able to add multiple links and you guys can
now see

why this site is going to
be so helpful for us and why.





I said while back it’s hugely
important for you to stick around

and keep Reading anyhow
before you can create a landing page you want to first click on get started
today to create your account and from there you’ll just have to enter in your
email address before being able to log in now that you have an account on here
it is now finally time to find sites whose links we

will want to shorten using




If you guys are enjoying
this Post don’t forget to smash and so your next step is to go over to google
what you will need to search for in particular is guides and they can be related
to just about anything I as you can see have searched for weight loss since
that is a huge niche and there’s no shortage of people.





Who wants to lose weight but
what you search for

yourselves don’t make too
big of a difference for as long as it’s a big niche as well for example you can
Search for how to get six-pack abs or how to gain muscle or you can avoid the
health niche altogether and search for something else as I said as long as the niche
is big enough and a lot of people.





Are interested in it
there’s no big deal anyhow what you will now basically need to do is open up
some of these guides and copy their links and then you want to head over to Ali
here and then paste the link before clicking on shorten you will then grab that
shortened link head over to mini dot link click on add link

right here.




On the next page just paste
it in here and add a title the title should be the same as the title of the guide
so if the guide has this title over here then that is how you will want to name when you are done just click on create link below to finish the process what
you guys will want to do is repeat this process for like two to three guides
minimum so you will grab a link to a guide shorten.




It with ally and finally
add the link onto many dot links here as you can see I have already done just
that so I don’t prolong this Post by the way something worth noting is that you
want to set up your profile accordingly so make sure to add a profile picture
and name that is in the same niche as the guides you’re using

I’m using a weight loss
guide so my profile is set up in that very niche now.





The last step is to
basically, get traffic to your landing page here is the link of which you can see
right at the bottom whenever someone clicks on it they’ll be able to see all of
these links whenever they click on those links they’ll be able to see a bunch
of ads before they get to the guiding question

and you will get paid as
simple as that anyhow the way you will get traffic is through the use of Facebook
groups Facebook is a hugely popular platform with millions of people using it.





Worldwide and there are
groups in literally any niche you can find it if you’re in the weight loss
niche as myself that’s what you will want to search for and as you can see the
weight loss groups have thousands upon thousands of members each and every single
person in these groups is interested in weight loss obviously which is perfect
for us because they will be more than willing to check out the weight loss
guides that I’m using as

an example.




What you will want to do
from here is join as many of these groups in order to maximize your results and
what you will want to do from there is leave a post saying something like these
guides help me lose weight this is the best way to lose weight and so on and you
want to make sure to emphasize the fact that you are not selling anything and
that they don’t need to sign up to any website.





You’re just providing some value
instead and by doing this you’ll be able to get a lot of clicks because you are
simply not promoting a product which means your post will get a lot more
reactions and people won’t just scroll past it and not only will you be helping
people out because after all, you are in a sense just giving out free guides but
you will also be making a very decent amount of money in the process so.




Everybody wins in this
regard and also you won’t be banned by these groups because you’re not giving
out any ally link directly as well anyways this is it for today’s Post you guys
as always if you liked it and you’re enjoying my content then be sure to give

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