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Katie Price revealed her skin is in such a bad state she struggles to get out of bed in the morning

But the former glamour model has now admitted that she’s just spent nearly two years in and out of skin care clinics after becoming worried her recent modelling work was a form of “photo manipulation”.

Her appearances in adverts she thought were “like videos of her self” were less than flattering and she was left turning her head away to avoid seeing more of herself in the mirror.

Prior to that, she said she would just ignore her insecurities and prioritise her working life.

The 38-year-old told how she now thinks her nonchalant attitude turned things around for the worst, and she is attempting to reverse her lack of self confidence.

Katie said: “For the past six or seven years I had some good work. Everyone loved me. But recently I’m not able to just jump out of bed in the morning and do anything. And I haven’t been getting to the beach and being good looking!

“I only get out of bed to brush my teeth or wash my face…

“For me personally, as a model, it’s really upsetting because my work looks like a video of me and I’m not able to do anything with my face.

“People tell me how beautiful I am, but I’m not like that. They think they can fix me. And they can’t.”

But the former glamour model and mum-of-five has now learned the hard way that it’s not necessary for a model to be as desirable as others.

She said: “If you’re not the most beautiful that’s not needed for the industry to work… it’s just not.

“Some of them are like ‘Love thy sweet animal’ in the most pictures…

“You’ve got to be natural as well. You have to actually be confident in your own skin. That’s what I’m trying to do.”

Katie has no shame in admitting that she went overboard on beauty product usage at one point, but she is now spending her time focusing on being a better mum.

She said: “My hair is completely different now, my teeth are a lot better, I’m really proud of myself.”

Katie was recently reunited with her children who have been spending the past six months with their father Peter Andre on a Christmas break.

Katie has also been focusing on her mum profile and recently revealed she is selling her ‘Princess TiK Toes’ collection of hats.

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