Israel and Palestine war A Moral Story

It is said that when the Mongol warrior Genghis Khan invaded Bukhara, he could not conquer the city. At that time, Genghis Khan came up with a plan and sent a message to the people of Bukhara We will give them peace and those who do not give up their weapons will be spared a lot.This message from Genghis Khan caused a rift among the people of Bukhara. One group said that it was just a deception. If Genghis Khan had the power to conquer Bukhara, why would he offer us peace? This is proof of his weakness. We must fight Genghis Khan for our honor, dignity and our country.While the other group said that when Genghis wants to settle the matter without bloodshed and he is giving us peace while he is not so weak that he could not conquer Bukhara if he wanted to, so we have to sacrifice our lives and the lives of others. Must save and accept Genghis Khan’s offer. This group sent a message of readiness to Genghis, while the other group rejected the offer and declared to fight. Genghis sent a message to the first group that you help us defeat this rebel group. I will give the government to the people, this stupid group of Bukhara sided with Genghis against their own people. All the brave young men who fought were killed and Genghis Khan conquered Bukhara.But doomsday is apparently the catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power. Thus these traitors reached their terrible end.After his assassination, Genghis Khan said, “How can those who cannot be faithful to their brothers be loyal to us, when we are completely non-existent? If he does, these cowards will support him too.Our enemies still use the same tactics today, Recognizing Israel in the media, proving Qadiani a Muslim, violating blasphemy laws on the inside, and attempting blasphemy on the outside world all suggest that the Pakistani nation is divided into two groups and kill each other.But the end will be the same as what Genghis Khan did,

That is why it is said that do not kill the lion of your house, otherwise the dogs of the enemy will beat you.

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