How you can get Cheap Hosting and Domain? Best Free Domain & hosting

In this post, I’m gonna show you how you can
get cheap hosting and domain
for only two dollars a month which you can use for
WordPress website my name is Zain ul Abadeen and welcome to Jobsghars so
in the last couple of months I’ve done some research on some hosting companies
to find out if there are cheaper options than
thrones that everybody knows already
so as you guys know.





 How To Get Free Hosting & Domain and How To install In WordPress.


I host all of my websites on site round and
I’m very happy with them but they are a little bit more expensive if you are a
beginner and you just want to start with something simple
and cheap so that’s when i found
host Inger and yes I’ve read a lot of reviews now about them

most of the people were very positive with
them they have very good uptimes they have good support they have a lot of
options so let’s just 
get started.


what we’re gonna do in this post is we’re gonna buy hosting and domain together
then we will install WordPress on that domain so you can get started with
WordPress and as a bonus i will also show you how to install your own
professional domain email address okay so the link of this page is living on links i will put that down in the description.

Because this is the information that you need
and then the first thing that you can do is click on this link because that
will lead you to the word press page because they offer hosting specifically for
WordPress and as you guys know i do everything with word press and element or so
if you’re new to the 
Website welcome.

so if
you scroll down on this page you can see their packages 
and you can see that they offer their WordPress
starter kit 
for 2.15 a month that is super cheap
especially considering that that is for 100 websites so you can host different
websites for this price i don’t even understand how they make a profit of this
but they do it anyway.

so what you also get is email accounts so
like i said you can create your own professional email address. 
which has your domain in it let’s just see all
the features of this package 
what’s nice about this is that it’s free ssl
with some hosting providers you have to pay extra for that and that is that
green lock that you can find over here which makes your website secure they
also offer lightspeed cache which makes the website fast they say they offer commerce
which i don’t really understand because you can just install that on WordPress
this is super nice.

That your website will not go down a lot of
times because it’s almost 
always up they have 24/7 support that is
pretty nice and you can create 
100 sub domains which is pretty nice for this
price actually it’s super amazing so if you have your website my website is

for example you can create a subdomain where
you can install a different WordPress version on so you can put your different
portfolio items that you want to show to your clients on your sub domains 
without actually paying extra for a domain.


so that is what you can do with sub domains super
nice so what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna add this to the card and as you
can see the price now is 2.15 so to make that two dollars you have to go back
to this 
page and then copy this little text that you
can see over here so right 
click copy go to the shopping cart and then
click over here the text is 
actually pretty gray you can’t almost see it
if you paste this live pixels you click on the plus you will see that now the
price is two dollars a month but but a few things first this is for 48 months
and that means four years so if you don’t want to commit right now to four
years then you have to pay a little bit more.


because they will give you more discount the
longer you commit to their service of course so this means that you will pay
for four years today and that will only cost you1.16 dollars and what’s even
better is that you will get a free domain for the first year with most hosting
providers you 
need to pay around 10 or 15 dollars per year
for your domain and with 
hosting they will give you the first year
for free.


so you need to type in your domain name over
here i want to build a web shop in one of my upcoming article so do something
like this the coolest web shop dot com let’s see if that’s available and yes
that’s available and as you can see this will add nothing to the price but then 
next year it will be 11 per year.


which is with every hosting provider ever but
for the first year you don’t pay anything and then your total will still be 1.16
but let’s say that you don’t want to commit for four years which is
understandable then you can pick the 12month plan that’s still super cheap Domain
and then you only have to pay 50 right now for a domain and hosting for a whole
year but you have to check these prices over here.


because these are the renewal prices again
the renewal prices are still really really nice compared to what I pay with my
hosting provider which is around twenty dollars a month so this is this is
super nice still but if you pick the two dollars a month package you will only
pay 350 per month as a renewal so then after the four years it will be this per
month still super cheap.



but if you don’t want to commit then 12months
is the best that’s what I’m gonna do right now for this tutorial because I’m
just gonna use this domain for my tutorial so I don’t need it for four years so
then i only have to pay 50 right now okay so let’s check the options real quick
before we’re gonna check out so you can do a few extra things first thing is
daily backups for only one dollar per month so let’s say that you have a blog
and you want to make sure that you have a backup every day when you post
something new.


you can check this on I’m not going to do
that right now cloud flare protection will protect your website better and that
is only ten dollars. 

For lifetime that is something that i do recommend
and for this website for me it’s not very important because this is just for a
tutorial but i do recommend it because 10 for lifetime for an extra layer of
security is actually what you want streamline your sea I don’t recommend that
if you have a WordPress website because there are a ton of options to

optimize your website for sea within WordPress
uh get first with priority supports yeah so let’s say that this your first project
and you are new to WordPress.



And hosting and all of that then this might
be nice because then if you want support you will get a response much faster
than most people and their support is still pretty fast for what i’ve read but
if you want to get first in line then you need to check this what i do gonna
add to my bill 
is this hide personal information of my domain
and that is mainly.



because i am a youtuber and i don’t want
people to find out about my personal info so i checked this box so when you buy
domain and hosting you have to give the hosting company some personal info maybe
your address maybe your phone number and if you don’t want your phone 
number to be out there because there are
sites where you can check the information about a domain.



so you can check information about the owner
of a domain then you need to check this so for me that’s very important because
i am a youtuber but that’s also maybe something that you want to check okay so
right now my bill is only 56 dollars actually 57 uh so let’s just do that right
now i’m gonna check out and then you can sign up or log into your accounts.



i’m gonna create an account real quick and
what i even forgot to mention is that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee
so if you’re 
not sure yet you can just make the payment
and if you’re not happy with hosting her you can ask your money back within 30


you can even pay with bitcoin if you want to
as you can see right here or you can just put it on your credit card i’m just
gonna put it on my credit card okay so now it’s done i am in my account so you
can click on start now and here it already selects a domain that we have


so i’m gonna click on select and here you
need to give that personal info that i talked about okay so now i’m in the next
step which do you want to go to build a website migrate a website we want to
build a new website.



because here we can easily install WordPress as
you can see the steps inside of hosting are super easy to do so make sure that
this is a different password than you’re hosting your account because this is
the password that you’re going to use to log into your WordPress website.



so if you click on continue now you can
select one of the templates that 
they offer.

How to build your own websites

i almost never use a template because I design
things myself but if you want to you can pick a template over here but I’m not
gonna do that right now so let’s finish the setup.


this looks good you can even change the location
over here to something that is more near towards you but i think this is
automatic because i am in Europe right now so I think um that is automatic
finish the setup i actually really like all the animations that they they show

your website is ready so we can go straight
to the WordPress dashboard over here or to the control panel or we can visit
the website uh let’s first go to WordPress I’m gonna open that in a new tab i’m
gonna do that by holding command on my mac or control windows and then clicking
on the link and then the dashboard of WordPress will open I’m also going to do
that for the control panel.


so i have two links so let’s first go to the
dashboard so this is not the actual WordPress dashboard but this is the
dashboard within hosting for this WordPress website so here you can set up
your ssl you can set up cloud flare if you want to and if you click on edit the
website then now we will be redirected to WordPress.


so now we are inside of WordPress and as you
can see they have already installed a few things of course you can delete them
if you want to like we forms which actually is a pretty decent form plug-in um
jetpack which is a plugin by WordPress but from here on you can set up WordPress
however you want so let’s go back to our dashboard of hosting so the main dashboard
and in here this is kind of like their cPanel version.



so if you know cpanel from other hosting providers
this is it so let’s just create an email account right now so i’m gonna click
on email accounts and then if you scroll down here you can really easily create
an email so for example i can create info at the because
this is my domain.




and i can put whatever i want in front of
that email i can create a password in here they even have a generator for the password
i’m gonna hide it right now for you and then you can click on create

and then you can see that your email is done so
then you can click on email to actually go to your web email and here is your
web email you can connect this web email for example to your outlook or to your
mac mill by looking at the data over here.





Because sometimes you will need imap and smtp
data for your email tool so for example with mac mill you need to put those in
and then you can use those email addresses in your outlook or in your Mac mill
or even on your iphone or on your android so those apps will ask for this




which you can find here so you have a lot of
options here in the dashboard but let’s say that you’re stuck you can get to
the help center over here so if you click on this icon first you will be
redirected to the page where they answer most of the common questions of course
because maybe you have a basic question.





you can find them over here so if you click
those open how do i install wordpress the basic stuff but if you want to
contact them you need to click on contact us choose an option you can put in
your question over here and then click on submit you can go back to home and
then click 
on manage over here and then you will be
redirected to the dashboard.



so if you want faster support you can go to
the store over here and in the store you will just get an overview of all the
things that they offer and here it is priority support you can get us for two
dollars a month if you really want to get faster support so that’s all i wanted
to show if you guys want more tutorials on hosting on how to get started then
please let me know but now you know.



how to get started with wordpress so now you
have your wordpress dashboard by the way if you don’t know how to log into
wordpress always go to your domain and then type in slash wp-admin and there
you can log in with the details that you have saved somewhere hopefully

on your computer so again this is one of the
cheaper hosting companies out there actually the cheapest that i could find it
looks very professional that their dashboard is very very nice and also the
reviews that i read are 
overall good so i don’t see any problems.



So far but if i see any problems or I discover
something then i will tell you about it i’ve heard that they had some security issues
in the past but i also heard that they’ve worked hard to solve those issues and
no company is perfect right so it’s a very nice package what you get for the price.
so again if you want me to more artcle about hosting or maybe about how to
create a subdomain maybe how to connect more domains to this same account because
right now if you’ve bought it via this link you have a package where you can
install multiple websites on that same hosting package so thank you for Reading.


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