General Knowledge MCQS Part 1


➡️ World Bank established in?
Ans: 1944
➡️ Length of Wall of China?
Ans: 21196km
➡️ Shortest Surah of the Holy Quran?
Ans: Al-Kausar
➡️ Sunnah means
actions by Holy Prophet
➡️ Surah without Bismillah?
Ans: Tauba
➡️ Which Namaz in Rain?
Ans: Itasqa
➡️ In 1930 Allama Iqbal address at which place?
Ans: Allahabad
➡️ Pakistan resolution passed in which city?
Ans: Lahore
➡️ Who presented Pak resolution in 1940?
Ans: AK Fazlulhaq
➡️ First PM of Pakistan?
Liaqat Ali Khan
➡️ Quaid swear as Governor General on which date?
Ans: 15th August
➡️ Who presented the Objective Resolution?
Ans: Liaqat Ali Khan, 12 March 1949
➡️ Who Wrote Pak National Anthem?
Ans: Hafeez Jalandhari
➡️ Muslim league established in which year?
Ans: 1906
➡️ A decimal value of 0.2%?
Ans: 0.002
➡️ The instrument to measure pressure gases
➡️ Abdul Salam got noble prize in which year?
Ans: 1979
➡️ Bulb is made of?
Ans: Tungsten
➡️ Einstein got Nobel prize in which field?
Ans: Physics, Biology, Chemistry
➡️ Largest continent of the world?
Ans: Asia
➡️ Most populous Muslim Country?
Ans: Indonesia
➡️ China is located in which part of Asia?
Ans: East Asia
➡️ When Kashmir resolution passed in the UN?
Ans: 1948
➡️ Present constitution passed in which year
Ans: 14 Aug 1973
➡️ Pakistan joined in UN on?
Ans: 30 Sept 1947
➡️ Yen is the currency of?
Ans: Japan
➡️ The only country who opposed Pakistan Making?
Ans: Afghanistan
➡️ which colour do not includes in rainbow
Ans: Black
➡️ Olive is the sign of
➡️ Tarbela Dam is on which river?
Ans: Indus
➡️ State bank established in which year?
Ans: 1948
➡️ Prophet Mohammad performed Hajj?
Ans: Once
➡️ A rectangle whose length is four times its width has perimeter 250. It’s area?
Ans: Area 2500
➡️ Age of voting in Pakistan?
Ans: 18
➡️ 1st person to land on Moon?
Ans: Neil Armstrong
➡️ Who is the first president of USA? Ans: George Washington
➡️ Jamia Masjid Delhi made by?
Ans: Shahjahan

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