Counter terrorism Department (CTD) Police Upcoming New Jobs 2021

 Punjab Chief
Minister Usman shb has announced new upcoming recruitment for the CTD Bharti.



According to
details, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar has visited the headquarters
of Counter Terrorism Department where he has also inspected various departments.


According to
reports, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar paid a visit to the Counter
Terrorism Department’s headquarters, where he examined various departments. The
Chief Minister was hailed by a well-armed counter-terrorism department unit
during his visit to the department’s headquarters. On this occasion, Chief
Minister Usman Bazdar also launched the CTD Helpline 080011111, praising CTD’s
modern skills and capabilities. 



The CTD force would also be held in solitary
confinement for two months, according to Chief Minister Usman Bazdar. In
addition, Chief Minister Usman Bazdar has announced the immediate allocation of
54 kanals of land for the CTD headquarters, as well as land for the
construction of CTD offices in ten other districts. In this regard, the Punjab
Chief Minister stated that roads leading to the headquarters will be built
first, followed by the provision of CTD codron GSM locators, sniper weapons,
and other equipment. He stated that a bomb disposal unit would be established
for CTD, as well as other CTD requirements.




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