Organization Name: BisectHosting Ltd Company Location: Bangalore, India Designation: Contract Logistics Agency


Design and implement a hardware and software company, to be a “category dominating organization in Bangalore”.

Offer e-money solutions, such as eSIM and serial, for financial institutions, and deploy VSN and SSR systems for mobile banks.

Develop AI to detect fraud on mobile phones by analyzing full data signal up to 200 times a second.

Develop automated global notification and response system to detect crime and distressed situations automatically, using crucial medical facts and information, using means & means system for time coordination.

Maximize employee growth through strategic and mentoring inputs, and in adding best practice practices, in boosting an “Apply” client.

Propose solutions and propose the design of a backend application for a telecom and networking service provider, which will analyze and detect possible crimes, and help decision-making in line with privacy protocols.

Provide integrated service delivery platforms for medical ventures and hospitals to diagnose and detect illnesses at the point of diagnosis.

Make use of AI and chatbot services to predict and act upon fraud, for fraud detection purposes.

Create an effective and intelligent usage management system for mobiles, and use the software to connect and support devices.

Organizational Overview

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Chief Executive Officer


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